Dominican Wedding Customs

Dominican wedding practices are rich and vibrant. Most are rooted of all time and warm island culture. Between these are the Cantada and a cortejo. The Cantada may be a ceremony where groom serenades his bride with a tune, poem, or perhaps piece of music that conveys his appreciate for her. Sometimes, the couple’s friends and family participate in as well. This is certainly a special and moving way to start the reception.

The cortejo is another Dominican wedding party tradition. This can be a symbolic ritual where the groom’s parents and a representative of his relatives accompany him to the chapel for the ara. The representative generally is a person who holds some form of riches just for the couple or their own families. The procession is led by a person who posesses bible. This can be a sign of respect and goodness for the couple and their family.

Unlike The usa, where it is considered misfortune to see the star of the wedding before the marriage ceremony starts, this isn’t the case in Dominican wedding traditions. It is common intended for the family unit to come together a few hours ahead of the ceremony begins and have pictures with the bride. Also, it is customary with regards to the few to exchange rings, as being a sign with their commitment to one another.

One of the most unique Dominican wedding customs is Algunas Arras Matrimoniales. This is certainly a etiqueta act that involves 13 numismatic coins being set on the tray by simply an attendant, usually boys, who then simply goes by them to the priest. This is certainly a symbol of the couple’s determination to provide for every single other and share anything they have.

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